Legal information

BUYSSENS Employment Lawyers is a group of lawyers dedicated to practising law in the broadest sense of the word. The group's partners are natural persons and civil private limited liability companies.

The lawyers at BUYSSENS Employment Law Lawyers are authorised to practice law everywhere in Belgium. Unless otherwise provided, they are all members of the Antwerp Bar Association, with the title of “lawyer”, and they exercise their professional activities via the following enterprise numbers.

Herman BUYSSENS bv bvba (CBE/VAT number 0835.008.266)

Mr. Herman Buyssens
Mr. Sofie Vandermeersch
Mr. Tony Van de Calseyde

Mr. Jan Heynen (CBE/VAT number 0897.202.686)
Mr. Aurélie Peeters (CBE/VAT number 0561.920.901)
Mr. Sophie Zachée (CBE/VAT number 0633.689.419)
Mr. Sébastien van Damme (CBE/VAT number 0640.992.133)

The professional liability of the lawyers of the office is insured in the first degree by Amlin Europe Ltd, Avenue King Albert II 37, 1030 Brussels, Belgium.

The professional liability of the lawyers of the office is insured in the second degree by AG Insurance ltd, Avenue Emile Jacqmain 53, 1000 Brussels, Belgium.
The insurance policy includes a global coverage, except for the United States and Canada.

Fees and Expenses

BUYSSENS Employment Lawyers adopts a full transparency policy insofar as expenses and fees are concerned.

For our services an hourly rate will be charged. Said hourly rate will be set depending on our lawyers´experience and knowledge. During the first appointment BUYSSENS Employment Lawyers will inform clients of the hourly rates that will be charged and this in full transparency. With every invoice clients will receive a detailed service overview enabling them to check which services were delivered, how much time was spent on them and which lawyer rendered the service in question. Administrative costs will be charged on a fixed rate basis and the expenses for third party interventions will be transferred directly to the client in question, unless said charges will be invoiced by us with the client’s consent.  Except for an agreement to the contrary, interim invoices will be sent regularly, thereby avoiding unpleasant surprises for customers at the end of the day.

BUYSSENS Employment Lawyers will be open to partial remuneration for its lawyers’ services, such as success fees, if the nature of the case is appropriate in this regard and clients take an interest in such an arrangement.

BUYSSENS Employment Lawyers wishes that clients start their cases fully informed. This not only pertains to the price of our lawyers’ interventions, but also implies that they are fully informed of the expenses to be made in the event of possible legal proceedings, the estimated duration thereof etc. ... A correct and full provision of information constitutes a healthy basis for pleasant and professional cooperation.

General conditions

BUYSSENS Employment Lawyers shall select the third parties it uses for the purpose of handling and processing cases or the parties who will be involved in such cases with the utmost care. Cooperating with or transferring to third parties will always take place following mutual consultation with the client or with the client’s consent. However, BUYSSENS Employment Lawyers cannot be held accountable for any of such third party’s shortcomings.

BUYSSENS Employment Lawyers’s liability shall be limited to the amount covered by its partners’ professional liability insurance.

BUYSSENS Employment Lawyers’s invoices shall become payable within 15 days following invoicing date. In the event of non-payment the amount due shall – automatically and without proof of default being necessary – be increased by 10%, with a minimum of EUR 100.00, and this without prejudice to the right to claim higher compensation on condition that proof of actual higher damage can be provided. In the absence of payment in good time  BUYSSENS Employment Lawyers shall also have the right to charge conventional default interests equalling the interest rate set in section 5 of the Arrears Act of 2nd August 2002.

The agreement between BUYSSENS Employment Lawyers and the client shall be governed exclusively by Belgian law. Solely the courts of the Court District of Antwerp shall be the competent courts for any and all disputes arising from this agreement.