Field of practise & approach

Employment and social security law is an extensive and very diverse branch of law with which our law firm feels greatly at ease.    

We attempt to solve any issue our clients present to us at short notice and in an efficient manner. Amicably if possible, in court if necessary. Insofar as possible, we brainstorm with our clients in order to prevent conflict.

First and foremost, we try to find negotiated solutions “out of court”. Legal proceedings are the ultimate remedy.    

Employment law

We assist companies in all aspects pertaining to their staff’s employment. This can, inter alia, include drawing up employment contracts, labour regulations, bonus plans,  providing advice and assistance during contacts with social inspection services, redundancies or negotiations with the trade unions,…  

In addition, the law firm has experience in almost every more specialized area of labour  law, such as, for example, international employment and secondment, well-being in the workplace, industrial accidents, false self-employment, social criminal law, intellectual property rights of employees, supplementary pensions, discrimination, workplace harassment, collective redundancies, arrangements with creditors (Chapter 11), employment protection legislation, social elections,…  

Private individuals too can come to us for legal advice in connection with employment or redundancy. In this regard, we assist both employees and self-employed persons.

Of course, we see to it that no conflicts of interests arise in the cases we handle.

Social security law

Our clients can rely on us when they have a dispute with the social security department RSZ/ONSS, for example on the qualification of wages as a calculation basis for social security contributions, disputes regarding false self-employment, false employment, disputes on the applicable legislation, joint and several liability, CO2-contributions, (refusal pertaining to)  the cancellation of contribution increases and arrears,… 

In the event of disputes with RSVZ/INASTI or other social security departments, such as FPD/SFPD (Federal Pension Service, previously RVP/ONP) on statutory pensions, RIZIV/INAMI or RVA/ONEM we shall assist our clients in word and deed.