Jean-Pierre Verbeeck
Former executive
“When my former employment contract was terminated, I had to start up legal proceedings in order to enforce my rights. The procedure was heavy and complex (due to Belgian and foreign engagements), but I was lucky to be able to count on the professional guidance of Buyssens Attorneys-at-law. They have a broad network enabling them to call upon the services of other specialists (both foreign and domestic) for matters outside of their area of expertise. Thanks to their efforts, I obtained a very positive outcome in my case. I believe that no other team of attorneys would have been able to reach a better result.”
Ingrid Ceusters-Luyten
CEO, Group Hugo Ceusters – SCMS
“Since many years we count on the legal advice of the team of Buyssens Attorneys-at-law in the field of employment and social security law. Thanks to their know-how, the input we receive from the lawyers regarding the many delicate issues we regularly face as employer is very useful for us. After so many years, we have built up a relationship based on mutual confidence.”
Jim Linsen
HR-Manager, DSV Group
“We work together with the team of Herman Buyssens for a long time now. They assist us with everything related to employment law and social security law. We appreciate not only the vast expertise and the engagement of the lawyers, but also their availability and reaction speed.”
Philippe De Bruyne
HR-director, Zorgbedrijf Antwerpen
“The law firm of Herman Buyssens has already treated many files for us over the past years. We appreciate the thoroughness and quality the lawyers show in their work. Our people can also count on them when they have smaller questions or when they need a sparring partner in the field of employment law or social security law to challenge their own ideas.”
Erika Priebee
HR Manager, Hapag-Lloyd Benelux
“When I was newly appointed as HR manager of Hapag-Lloyd Antwerp, the company was recovering from a restructuring that was accompanied by the law firm of Mr Buyssens. Ever since, we call on to the law firm for all labor law and employment issues, both individual as collective. We appreciate the availability and the hands on mentality of Buyssens Lawyers. They think in similar terms as us, point out their concerns proactively and come up with concrete solutions”